For over 80 years, Gossen has thrived on innovation. In 1928, Martin Gossen founded the company after inventing the first spring-loaded window sash-balance, which eliminated the counterbalancing weight system for windows. In the 1960s, Martin's son, Jack, brought polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology from Europe, wooing chemist Gabriel Hostalet of Spain and tooling expert Karl Beuhler of Germany to the US to work for Gossen. Together, they developed a "free expansion" process for extrusion, in which the raw material expands when exposed to air. Gossen decks have all the benefits of premium cellular PVC but at a popular price. The Earthtone core is made with recycled PVC, creating natural core variances similar to a composite...but it's all PVC. With no organic fillers, you don't have to worry about mold, mildew or any other moisture damage. Boards will not swell, crack, warp or splinter. It is extremely low maintenance, and stains and spills simply wipe up. Gossen Decking is dual extruded, so cap and core create a true bond that won't allow for delamination.  100% American made  Solid core cellular PVC  Will not split, crack, splinter, decay, or warp  Fade, mold, and stain resistant  Easy to install — no pre-drilling required