Cumaru:  Dipteryx Odorata

Cumaru tree, similar to the Ipe tree grows in Brazil and Peru, in tropical climate and is characterized by its slow growth and high density giving the Cumaru tree strength and toughness.

The color scheme of the Cumaru deck ranges from yellowish-brown to dark brown; it has a smooth texture; and has the pattern of growth rings and combined fibers. The advantage of this deck, is its durability against sun damage and maintaining most of its color over the years. The color and texture of the Cumaru deck make it ideal when you require unique design elements.

Cumaru trees have a natural high resistance to the weather (sun, rain and changing temperatures), and deterioration. These features of natural invulnerability make it ideal and convenient in terms of maintenance.



  • Manageable and simple maintenance
  • High resistance against unfavorable climates and sun damage
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to Ipe